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Fact sheet: Pomegranate


Origin and History

Pomegranates are native to southeastern Europe and Asia and were grown in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India, and Iran. Cultured extensively in Spain, pomegranates moved with missionaries into Mexico and California in the 16th century.


Pomegranates can be grown in tropical to warm temperate climates. However, the best quality pomegranate fruits are produced in regions with cool winters and hot, dry summers. Few areas are too hot, and the pomegranate is more cold hardy (receives less damage) than citrus. Pomegranates vary in frost tolerance, but in some cases temperatures down to 10°F may not severely injure the plants. Several hundred hectares are cultivated in California and a small commercial industry existed in Florida during the 1800’s.

Scientific Name: Punica granatum L.

Family: Punicaceae

Fact sheet: Pomegranate

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden