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Orange tree

Fact sheet: Orange


The dense, rounded crown of dark green, evergreen foliage and the pure white, extremely fragrant blossoms make citrus a popular garden choice for frost-free locations. Ranging from 12 to 30 feet in height and 8 to 25 feet in width, depending upon species and cultivar, citrus can be used for shade, to screen unwanted views, or smaller varieties can be used in containers. The juicy, fragrant fruits vary from yellow, orange, or red, and are most noticeable in winter.


Scientific name: Citrus spp.
Pronunciation: SIH-trus species
Common name(s): Citrus

Fact sheet: Orange

Red Navel Orange Citrus x sinensis ‘Cara Cara’ and Orange Citrus sinensis ‘Parson Brownare planted in the Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden.