Fact sheet: Mayhaw


This slow-growing native North American tree reaches a height of 30 feet with a rounded canopy that spreads to 35 feet or more. The dark green, deciduous leaves are often three-lobed and have red/brown undersides. The leaves display no appreciable fall color. The sparkling white, showy springtime flowers appear before the new leaves unfurl and are followed by the production of large, red-dotted fruits. The spreading, low branching habit of growth makes this best suited for planting in a large open area of turf. If regular pruning can be provided to keep low, drooping branches pruned, it can be located closer to a walk.

Scientific name: Crataegus aestivalis
Pronunciation: kruh-TEE-gus ess-tih-VAY-liss
Common name(s): May Hawthorn, Apple Hawthorn

Fact sheet: Mayhaw

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden


Posted: May 25, 2017

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes
Tags: Crataegus Aestivalis, Demonstration Garden, Fruit, Mayhaw

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