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Pindo Palm

Fact sheet: Pindo Palm


This cold-hardy, single-trunked palm is easily recognized by its rounded canopy of blue-grey, strongly-recurved, graceful fronds which curve in toward the trunk. The heavy, stocky trunks are covered with persistent leaf bases. Large, showy clusters of orange-yellow, juicy, edible fruits, the size of large dates, are produced and often used to make jams or jellies. The fruit, ripening in summer, can be messy on sidewalks or patios, so you may want to plant 10 feet away from the walk or patio. This slow growing palm eventually will reach 20 feet tall and is attractive as a freestanding specimen or grouped with other palms. Most are seen smaller than this since growth rate is very slow. Plant 10 feet apart as a street tree and they can be planted beneath power lines due to slow growth and small size.

Scientific name: Butia capitata
Pronunciation: BEW-tee-uh kap-ih-TAY-tuh
Common name(s): Pindo Palm, Jelly Palm

Fact sheet: Pindo Palm

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden