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Oak Leaf Holly

Fact sheet: Oak Leaf holly


Oak Leaf Holly
Latin: Ilex hybrid

Hollies are a big, diverse group of plants gardeners sometimes stereotype according to previous experiences with the clan.

Stereotyping such beautiful and useful plants based on experience with just a few individuals is – well, wrong. Each has its own personality and charm and should be judged on its own merits. A new one that has caught my eye is Oak Leaf holly, a stocky upright destined to enjoy wide usage as it becomes better known.

Oak Leaf holly is an upright grower capable of reaching 20 feet in height with a spread of at least eight feet. It has a columnar form approaching a pyramidal shape but doesn’t quite achieve it. It forms a dark, almost brooding form in the landscape.

Fact sheet: Oak Leaf Holly
Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden