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Fact sheet: Nandina


With bamboo-like stalks and delicate, ferny foliage, Nandina is much-prized for its oriental effect and distinctive appearance.  Adding to its appeal are large, erect panicles of creamy white flowers in spring followed by decorative bright red berries in fall and winter.  Berries are eaten by a variety of birds.  Nandina spreads slowly by underground stems, providing attractive clumps for entryways, containers, or as specimen plantings in a ground cover.  They also add an accent to the front of a shrub border when planted in groups or clumps.  Plant on 2 to 3 foot centers for a mass planting, farther for a more open effect.

Scientific name: Nandina domestica
Pronunciation: nan-DEE-nuh doe-MESS-stick-kuh
Common name(s): Nandina, Heavenly Bamboo

Fact sheet: Nandina

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden