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Fact sheet: Beautyberry


This rapidly-growing North American native forms a rather loosely-arranged, rounded shrub, five to eight feet tall and equally wide. Branches form long arches bending toward the ground and lend almost a weeping habit to older, established shrubs. The coarse, fuzzy, light green, deciduous leaves are combined with small, lavender-pink blossoms densely clustered in leaf axils from June through August. A profusion of very showy, 1/3-inch-diameter, clustered berries follow, densely packed and encircling the woody stems. These shiny purple-blue fruits are quite attractive to birds and, if not completely devoured, will persist on the stems for several weeks after the leaves drop.

Scientific name: Callicarpa americana

Pronunciation: kal-lick-AR-puh uh-mair-rick-KAY-nuh

Common name(s): American Beautyberry, American Mulberry

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Planted in Nassau County Demonstration Garden

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