Q: What is a Floribunda rose?

Cinco_de_Mayo_IowaStateA: Floribunda roses are quite different than the normal hybrid tea roses, climbing and Grandiflora roses. Floribunda roses refer to roses which are larger than miniature but smaller than hybrid tea roses. Floribunda roses are fairly hardy and require less care than the tea hybrids. But remember, we all know the extensive care required by hybrid tea roses. The flowers of the Floribunda may be single or double and they produce more of them than the hybrid tea roses. Flordibunda roses are more shrub form and range from 2 feet to 5 feet tall with a variety of widths. Floribunda roses were developed from a cross between a polyantha rose and a hybrid tea rose. The hope was to find a hardier rose which would be more disease resistant. Floribunda was named by the rose firm Jackson and Perkins as a separate class of roses and introduced in 1939 at the New York World’s Fair. They prefer full sun and well drained soils. Provide them plenty of space to allow for good air circulation. Some examples of Floribunda roses are Sunfire (red), Cherish (pink), Sea Pearl (pink blend), Sun Flare (yellow) and Little Darling (yellow blend) and now there are dozens of newer varieties. The most important thing to remember regarding roses is the root stock as these roses are grafted. Here in northeast Florida we always suggest Fortuniana rootstock. If the rose is not labeled for a rootstock then it may not live long.


Posted: June 17, 2015

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Floribunda Roses

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