Meet Our Newest Postdoc: Dr. Yuvraj Khamare

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Caroline Warwick

Dr. Yuvraj Khamare

The Mid-Florida Research and Education Center is proud to welcome our newest postdoctoral associate, Yuvraj Khamare, to our Landscape and Ornamental Production Weed Laboratory.

Get to know Dr. Khamare (who was also an MREC graduate student!) below:

  • What did you earn your doctorate in and what attracted you to weed science? Doctorate in Environmental horticulture that was focused on weed management in container nurseries. My fascination with plants began in my childhood. The botanical world has always piqued my curiosity and inspired me to learn more. This interest led me to pursue a major in environmental science. At MREC, I become aware of ornamental weed management and the various problems that nursery and greenhouse growers are facing with weeds. This environmental and industry-wide epidemic caught my attention, prompting me to further my career in weed science.
  • What will your research focus be at MREC? My research will be focused on finding effective, economical, and environmentally friendly weed management options for nursery growers. I will be looking for new methods to control weeds in container grown crops combing various chemical and nonchemical options.
  • Do you have a favorite tropical plant? My favorite tropical plant is butterfly pea (Clitoia ternatea). It has edible flowers that makes a soothing blue tea, great natural food color, loved by pollinators, and it is a great nitrogen fixer.
Dr. Yuvraj Khamare

Posted: February 16, 2023

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