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Water Wednesday Preview: The Power of Your Pond

Stormwater ponds are designed to collect and manage runoff from rainwater. When rainwater lands on rooftops, parking lots, streets, driveways and other hard surfaces, the rainfall that doesn’t soak into the ground (known as stormwater runoff) flows into your neighborhood stormwater pond through grates, pipes, shallow swales or ditches.

Stormwater ponds, or more commonly known as retention ponds, are required for most new developments (since the 1980s) and are specifically designed to help prevent flooding and remove pollutants from the water. Without these ponds, stormwater would carry pollutants like litter, motor oil, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, pet wastes, sediments and anything else that can float, into nearby streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries or the Gulf of Mexico.

Join us Wednesday, March 24th from 2:00 to 3:00 on Facebook Live to discuss the impacts of stormwater ponds with Seminole County Extension Agent Tina McIntyre. Advanced registration is available here.

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