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Weed Science Wednesday: Use of Glyphosate and Herbicide Alternatives for Weed Control in Florida Landscape Planting Beds

Weed management programs benefit landscape managers for public and private lands but also homeowners. This EDIS document outlines alternatives to glyphosate and herbicides in Florida, preemergence and postemergence weed control and chemical and non-chemical management tactics.

Artillery weed (Pilea microphylla) is not well controlled with glyphosate. Photo credit: Annette Chandler, UF/IFAS

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, has been the center of a controversy about potential health risks for the public. This publication addresses glyphosate’s advantages, disadvantages and alternatives that can be used in landscapes.

Organic and natural products are also mentioned but it is noted that these can also be harmful to humans, pets and wildlife if used improperly; these are not necessarily ‘safer’ options.

To download the full EDIS document, follow this link.