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EDIS Update: Biology and Management of Pusley (Richardia L.) in Tomato, Pepper, Cucurbit, and Strawberry Production

Pusley (Richardia L.) is a common Florida weed in vegetable and strawberry production. The Florida pusley is a native to the state but the three South American varieties are often mistaken for each due to similar distributions, growth habits, leaf morphologies and no presence of fruit. The Brazil pusley, large flower pusley and South American Mexcian clover are the South American varieties and non-native to Florida. However, Florida pusley and Brazil pusley are the main concern.

Brazil pusley seeding Credit: Shaun M. Sharpe, UF/IFAS

This EDIS document goes further into detail of the characteristics of pusley and how to manage this weed in tomato, pepper, cucurbit and strawberry production. MREC researcher Chris Marble is featured in this Extension document.

To download this document, click on this link.