Gator Day 2018 Wrap Up

The UF/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center joined other University of Florida colleges, centers and programs at the annual Gator Day, held at the state capitol in Tallahassee. Each group got the opportunity to represent their area of expertise and explain its purpose in their industry. Whether it was landscape design, communications, natural history, engineering or the extensive library system at UF, everyone had the chance to chat with others about what they do and why.

Dr. Liz Felter, UF/IFAS Extension agent; Dr. Roger Kjelgren, MREC center director; Angela Colonna, MREC academic and outreach coordinator. (From left to right)

MREC represented the horticulture industry with an aphid video on loop, our most downloaded EDIS publications and informative brochures about what we do and our economic impact. We attended the event with other Extension offices and research and education centers to represent the three pillars of IFAS: research, teaching and Extension.

Dr. Lance Osborne, MREC entomologist, displayed a book he authored, entitled “Pathogens Infecting Insects and Mites of Citrus.”

Overall, the MREC team was able to talk about the greenhouse and landscape industry and the importance of horticulture research in Florida to state representatives and decision makers in and outside of the University. MREC had a strong presence among other research and education centers and we will continue to advocate for the need of science to support the horticulture industry.

UF/IFAS Extension agent Liz Felter is shown here meeting Steve Spurrier, UF football legend and Heisman Trophy winner.

The UF President Fuchs livestreamed the event as he walked from table to table. Steve Spurrier signed white Gator visors and chatted with attendees. Albert the Alligator took photos with UF students, alumni and employees as he made his rounds to each table. It was a day full of the Gator Nation.

Go Gators!


Posted: March 2, 2018

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