Cotton Seed Bug update

The Cotton Seed Bug is on the move! It was originally found on Stock Island and Key West.

Identifying and reporting the cotton seed bug

For photos and more information see the Pest Alert at

Several closely related species can readily be confused with each other and with the exotic species, and several have similar hosts; however, if you find a large number of small bugs in a cotton boll, the bugs are very likely to be the cotton seed bug. In this case, please contact DPI immediately at 352-372-3505.

Please send only dead specimens (killed in alcohol or frozen, then placed in alcohol). You can use rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol for this purpose. Indicate in a letter your name, the date and location where the specimens were collected, and a phone number and email address with which we can contact you.

The Miami-Dade Native Plant Society newsletter has an informative article about the Cotton Seed Bug, Wild Cotton and the Florida Statues.

The links in this article were current as of May, 2013.


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Posted: August 3, 2010

Category: Pests & Disease

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