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Ask an expert update

If you have a plant or insect problem you cannot solve then Ask an Expert is a great place to start in answering your question. I have updated the Ask an Expert widget, now you can upload a digital photo to help in describing the problem you are trying to solve.

I look forward to helping you answering your questions.
Kim Gabel, Environmental Horticulture Agent
UF/IFAS Monroe County Extension Service

2 Comments on “Ask an expert update

  1. Good morning,
    If you are located in Miami-Dade, you can contact their Extension Service for help with any landscape issues. Their phone number is (305) 248-3311. Otherwise, if you are in Monroe County you could send me an email with pictures to
    Thank you for contacting us.

  2. Good Morning
    Hoping you can assist. I planted a number of gumbo limbo trees in Nov ‘17 in Miami. They were doing really until the leaves on two of them recently started to curl up into themselves in hard, tightly wound shapes. Obviously something attacking them. Wish I could post a picture.

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