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Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees after a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Fay has just passed through the Florida Keys. It was mostly a rain event but in some areas there were lightning strikes, 50 mph winds and standing water. With that happening trees had the potential of being struck by lightning or being blown over. The University of Florida Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program developed an informative 16 page document on “Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees after a Hurricane”
by Edward F. Gilman, Mary L. Duryea, Eliana Kampf, Traci Jo Partin, Astrid Delgado, and Carol J. Lehtola. It contains six topics: (1) Safety: staying safe during storm cleanup, safely operating a chain saw and hiring the right tree care professional, (2) Assessing Damage and Deciding What to Do: distinguishing trees that should be removed and those that may recover through restoration pruning, (3) Restoration Pruning: pruning trees to restore them back to health, (4) Palms and Pines: dealing with palms and pines, (5) Prevention and Design: selecting the right tree, designing the right location and evaluating trees for potential hazard to reduce future storm damage, and (6) Wind Resistant Species: establishing trees for a healthy and more wind resistant urban forest.

Disponible en Español Evaluación del Daño y Restauración de los Árboles Después de un Huracán

For more information visit the trees and hurricane website:

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  • Establishing a wind-resistant urban forest
  • Managing a wind-resistant urban forest
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Photo Credit: Kim Gabel, Hurricane Wilma 2005
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