PADI International Women’s Dive Day

Last Saturday, July 21, marked the Professional Association of Dive Instructors’ (PADI) fourth International Women’s Dive Day. This event commenced in 2015, to further PADI’s goals of promoting, recognizing and celebrating female participation in scuba diving activities all around the world. Historically, scuba diving has been a male-dominated sport, with certifications held by women at less than 35%. One of the goals of this day is to connect with women interested in the industry and show them how scuba diving can improve their lives. In addition to serving as a stimulating, physical activity, spending time underwater is a fulfilling experience, offering the chance to connect with the underwater world, which is otherwise difficult to access. The day also aims to motivate women to take leadership roles within the dive industry, and foster a sense of environmental stewardship and inspire greater involvement with marine and environmental issues. International Women’s Dive Day started with 335 events in 65 countries, and in 2017 it grew to almost 900 events in 85 countries. Events range from recreational dive trips to marine debris cleanups, to research activities.

Although International Women’s Dive Day has already passed, our partners at Miami Waterkeeper are continuing the celebration this Saturday, July 28 by hosting a two-tank dive event with Diver’s Paradise on Key Biscayne. For more information or to register, please go here.


Posted: July 26, 2018


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