Respirators: Why are they important?

When working in agricultural operations such as a nursery, farm or grove, the concentration and frequency of exposure to agricultural contaminants can cause a variety of respiratory problems. Normally our own respiratory system filters some particles before getting to our lungs. But when you are exposed to larger concentrations of particles, we increase the risk of injury and illness.

Respirators is one example of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that has been proven to prevent injury and promote worker’s health. The first step to choosing a respirator is determining the type of respiratory hazard.

Safety at work is important, join us in these series of trainings for the industry.

For a proper training in respirators in south Florida, register to any of our upcoming classes in English and Español:

July 6: English Register Here

July 27: Español Regístrate Aquí



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Posted: June 16, 2017

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