Zika: OSHA guidelines for outdoor workers

OSHA guidelines for outdoor workers:

OSHA recommends employers train workers on how to protect themselves about the importance of eliminating areas where mosquitoes breed on the work site.

In addition, OSHA suggests employers provide insect repellents and protective clothing and encourage their use.

Some recommendation on how to protect yourself inside this helpful fact sheet are:

  • Use insect repellent that contains DEET, picaridin or another EPA-registered active ingredient on skin that is not covered by clothing. Always follow label precautions.
  • If using permethrin, spray it on clothing and gear only—not directly on skin.
  • Get rid of sources of standing water (e.g., tires, buckets, cans, bottles, barrels) whenever possible to reduce or eliminate mosquito breeding areas.
  • OSHA and NIOSH recommend that you talk to your supervisor(s) about any outdoor work assignment(s) or travel to Zika-affected areas if you are or may become pregnant, or, for males, if your sexual partner is or may become pregnant. Consult CDC information on Zika virus and pregnancy: www.cdc.gov/zika.

For more information, read the fact sheet from OSHA on Zika protection workers: OSHA Zika protection workers



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Posted: August 18, 2016

Category: Work & Life
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