We Need YOU to Volunteer!

As the summer draws to a close and the new school year begins, that can only mean one thing… the new 4-H year is coming! Did you know that adults play many critical roles in 4-H? These roles apply not only to parents, but to all community members. After all, it takes a village, right? Not sure how to get involved? Let’s talk about it…

  • Club Leader – One of the most important roles that adults play in the 4-H world is leading a club. Each community club requires two adult volunteers to coordinate events and help youth lead meetings. Club leaders are champions for our youth and dedicate their time to helping youth succeed. Is this the right role for you? Do you have a desire to be involved in the day-to-day lives of 4-H’ers? Do you like to work directly with youth to help them achieve their goals?

4-H Club Leaders being recognized at this year’s awards banquet

  • Association Member – The 4-H Association acts as the Advisory Board for the county. This board assists with funding, program planning, and much more. The Association meets 4 times a year to provide feedback and ideas to agents. Is this the right role for you? Do you have ideas on how to further the 4-H program? Are you ready to make informed decisions that affect our youth and families?
  • Project Leaders/Guest Speakers – Another critical role for adults is sharing the expertise that you (yes, you!) have with our clubs. We are always looking for guests to provide content for 4-H club lessons through demonstrations, lectures, or other activities. Is this the right role for you? Do you have knowledge of a specific subject? Do you enjoying sharing your passions with the next generation?
  • Event Support – Maybe you don’t have the time to volunteer regularly with 4-H. Well, we have a role for you! You can help plan and facilitate one-time events. Are you one of Santa’s Little Helpers? Volunteer for our Christmas party or parade float decorating. Do you love giving back to the community? Helps us organize a service project. Is this the right role for you? Do you enjoy planning events and creating fun learning activities? Are you available for a short time rather than the long term?
  • Goods, Services, or Tour Donors – Do you work with a business that could provide helpful items or services to 4-H? For example, bringing a petting zoo to our Open House or donating items for service projects. Maybe you have a connection somewhere that could give an interesting tour for youth to learn about a subject or career they might not know about. Is this the right role for you? Do you have a unique job that would be interesting to 4-H’ers? Does your company handle supplies or equipment that 4-H may need? (All donations made to 4-H are tax deductible!)

4-H is a youth development organization, but we are unable to reach these youth without the help of caring, involved adults. So as this 4-H year gets started, please take the time to think about how you could be involved and let us know how you want to pitch. Have an idea you don’t see on this list? Great, call our office and let’s chat!

Volunteers being trained by 4-H RSA, Stacey Ellison


Posted: July 31, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers

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