Farm City Week November 16-23, 2022

Celebrated from November 16 through the 23, Farm City Week is a partnership between Farmers and the Community.

The week’s celebration recognizes the beneficial partnerships between rural and urban communities that make American food safe and plentiful. People all over the country will celebrate farmers and ranches through educational forums, social media campaigns, and local events. Today most individuals are at least one generation removed from the family farm. The average American Farmer feeds approximately 160 individuals, with less than 1 % of our population supplying the safe and plentiful food we all enjoy.

Marion County has engaged in the celebration; the Marion County Board of County Commissioners recognized this vital industry by proclaiming November 16-23 as “Farm City™ Week” in Marion County. As part of the celebration, Marion County inducted Terry Teuton into the Marion County Agriculture Hall of Fame on November 17, 2022. You may view the video produced to highlight Terry’s accomplishment on the following URL Terry’s family is involved in farming in North Marion County, where the fourth generation of his family is working on the family farm.

The partnership between farmers and the community provides consumers with food, medicine, and textiles. This partnership also has an economic impact on our cities and rural communities. Our society needs to continue to support the relationships between farms and families to ensure that farming remains an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable way of life for future generations. This week commemorates the innumerable contributions made by farmers to the health and well-being of our community.

Marion County agriculture significantly affects our local economy by employing over 33,740 people, with an economic impact of 1.7 billion dollars. Marion County’s equine and cattle industries are significant economic drivers; we have over 400,000 acres of timberland contributing substantially to the economic value.

Congratulations to Mr. Terry Teuton, the 2022 inductee into the Marion County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Since its inception in 2003, the Marion County Agricultural Hall of Fame has been recognizing individuals who have made tremendous contributions to the furtherance of agriculture in the community. Previous Hall of Fame honorees include 32 men and three women credited for their advancement in Marion County’s agricultural history.

The growing list of Hall of Fame honorees also includes Mark Shuffitt, Gus Gray, Jerry Arthur, Russ Randall, Bud Boyer, Jim Williams, Franklin Walter “Frank” Smith, Adolph “Al” Kunz, Harry Mangurian, Jr., Arlen Jumper, D.A. Lewis, Jr., Nathan Mayo, Michael and Joseph O’Farrell,  Marilyn Grant, Kay Richardson, Bill Reese, Carey Robbins, E.L. Strickland, Carol Harris, Elmer Heubeck, Jo Ann Smith, James M. ‘Jimmie’ Glisson, Barnard Grant, Edsel W. Rowan, Charles Seiler, Jr., Dr. William R. Brawner, Jackson C. Dudley, Carl Rose, Ned H. Folks, O.D. “Buddy” Huff, Carl G. Rose, Leroy Baldwin, T. Richard Barber, Jr., Bonnie M. Heath II, Douglas H. Oswald,  Robert Renner, David Baillie, Jr., and Marion Roche.

Take this time to increase your knowledge of farmers, agriculture, and the mutual benefits we receive no matter where we live, on the farm, or in the city; the farmer touches our life.


Posted: December 1, 2022

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