Pasture Protocol Annual Management

As an Extension Agent our job is to help people create, renovate, and maintain productive pastures for their livestock. While there is not one single answer to a problem that will suit everyone’s needs, there is a general timeline of events that should be kept in check when it comes to maintaining perennial pastures. Most of these events coincide with our climate and weather patterns that influence the growing season, and therefore affect various pressures on a perennial pasture.

Before you reflect on the events outlined below, decide what your forage goals are. These goals might depend on the type of livestock you are raising, the time of year peak forage needs arise, number of acres you are operating on and if you have the room (meaning, stocking rate and acreage) and inputs to diversify your forage options.

Pasture Protocol


Posted: February 1, 2020

Category: Agriculture, Farm Management, Livestock
Tags: Bahiagrass, Bainum, Cool Season, Fertilize, Forage, Growing Season, Herbicide, Lime, Soil Test, Warm-season

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