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The Springs: Jewels of Florida (Video)

springs vegetationI saw this beautiful and informative video of springs in Florida on YouTube. You can find Silver Spring and Rainbow Springs in this video. I hope you will enjoy it. Following is a brief introduction of these two springs, and I will give more information in future blogs.

Silver Springs flows at over 766 cubic feet per second and is the largest first magnitude spring in Florida. It is known as its naturally clear water; however, there is a concern about a possible decrease in water clarity compared to past observations. FDEP along with other stakeholders are working on the Silver Springs Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) to address the water problems and restoration plan.

Rainbow Springs is the fourth largest first magnitude spring in Florida. As an increase of nitrate level and other water issues in Rainbow Springs, a Rainbow Springs Basin Management Plan is being developed. It will serve as a forum for defining restoration actions, discussing concerns and sharing current research from citizens, scientists, local, regional and state government officials, business owners, agriculturalists, environmental interest groups and other stakeholders.