Talk Plants with Me

Do you have wilting tomatoes? Aphid infestations? Not sure what that bug is? Maybe you are new to Florida and need some help figuring out the seemingly endless array of gardening challenges? We’ve got a solution for that: Talk Plants with Me.

Who am I?
Proof of plant nerdiness.

As the UF/IFAS Residential Horticulture Agent in Manatee County, I work with the public to provide solutions to your garden and landscape questions. I am privileged to work with an amazing group of Master Gardener Volunteers, Extension Staff and UF/IFAS Researchers. So, if I can’t answer your questions, I know someone who can. I’m a tree, fungi and native plant enthusiast but will happily chat about bugs, nematodes, geology or colorful new cultivars!

Bring your questions, concerns, weird pictures of bugs or just general curiosity to monthly conversations on the second Thursday at 11:30 a.m. with me. We will be hosting the live sessions via Zoom and recording for later viewing on our YouTube channel.

Follow this link to register.


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Posted: August 5, 2022

Category: Home Landscapes, Horticulture, UF/IFAS Extension
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