From the ‘Garden Bench’: Macro Lens Photography

Take Eye-Popping Close-up Photos on Your Smartphone

by Nancy Hammer, Master Gardener 2014


Recently a fellow Master Gardener shared a close-up photo taken with her Smartphone. I was amazed at the magnification, and asked how she got such a shot. She told me she has a macro lens for her Smartphone. I hopped online, and with a little research, ordered one for myself. I’m writing to spread the word: it is so rewarding,

tiptoeing around the garden, composing incredibly close-up photos of flora and fauna.

What is it?

Generally, a macro lens comes as part of a kit which may include a wide-angle, fisheye, and/or telephoto lens, and sometimes a small tripod. I personally find using the macro lens the most rewarding. Typically, macro lenses provide between 10x and 20x magnification. Kit prices start at about $15 (mine cost $25), and there are numerous companies selling them online and in stores.

Using a Macro Lens


Using the macro lens takes some practice and patience to focus properly, especially when approaching camera shy insects or plants when there is a breeze. But the beautiful aspect of using your Smartphone camera is that less-than-stellar photos can simply be deleted. Some photographers temporarily remove their Smartphone cases before attaching the lenses, others do not. When researching kits, take note of which lenses will fit your Smartphone brand.

If you have a Smartphone, like taking pictures, and enjoy nature, try macro lens photography!


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Posted: November 21, 2019

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