4-H Registration Opens August 17th

The new 4-H year is almost here! We are looking forward to welcoming back old members and volunteers and introducing any new faces to the fascinating world of 4-H. Here are some things you should know to get started:

How to Register for 4-H

Youth and Volunteers may register for the new 4-H Year beginning August 17th. Please go to http://florida.4honline.com and create a new account for your family if you are new members OR login with your family’s account information and follow the re-enrollment instructions for each member. You will be prompted during the enrollment process to pay your membership fee of $20. This is a new state-mandated policy for all county 4-H programs beginning this year. Members are not accepted or enrolled until fee is received. Families who have more than three 4-Hers will have a maximum fee of $60.00 per year for all of their children. If a membership fee is a barrier for any youth to join 4-H, please contact Becky Bennett at the Extension Office for more information.

Youth Members
  • Must be 5 to 18 years old as of September 1, 2017; youth with an IEP will be eligible through age 21.
  • Register EACH 4-H year to be a member.
  • You will either be a Cloverbud (5-7 yr olds), Junior (8-10 yr olds), Intermediate (11-13 yr olds), or Senior (14-18 yr olds).
  • Choose a club(s) to participate in and attend at least 75% of the meetings to be considered a member in good standing.
  • Pick a project(s) to explore for the year and present your discoveries at club meetings and County Events.
  • Turn in your project(s) and/or record book(s) at the end of the 4-H year. These are due on the first Friday of August each year.
  • Contact the Madison County Extension Office to start your adventure today!!
Teen Members (13-18 yrs old)
  • Follow registration procedures listed above.
  • Encouraged to be a member of the 4-H Leaders of the Legacy leadership club, attend at least 75% of all meetings, and attend all Camp Counselor trainings in order to attend 4-H Camp Cherry Lake.
  • Earn volunteer hours by assisting with 4-H events and activities.
  • Become eligible for scholarships and Senior 4-H events.
  • Become a mentor for younger 4-H members and help continue the Legacy of 4-H to Make the Best Better!
Adult Members
  • Must be 21 years old or older for supervisory roles. Roles under the supervisor may be filled by persons 19+ years old.
  • Register EACH 4-H year to be a volunteer.
  • Required background check and screening for all volunteers. Fingerprinting required for certain volunteer roles. Complete all training requirements.
  • Adhere to 4-H policies and procedures as well as all Florida laws and statutes. Youth safety and positive development through adult partnerships are our top priorities and we expect all volunteers to help us achieve these goals.
  • Participate in 4-H events, Club meetings, and activities throughout the year to support our youth and their program.
  • Volunteer in roles that utilize your best skills with time commitments you are able to make. Remember this is a yearlong commitment to our youth and their program. We have use for volunteers in all capacities and time commitments, so check with the 4-H Office to see how you can help!
  • Contact the Madison County Extension Office to start shaping our youth into the generation of tomorrow!
REGISTER AT: http://florida.4honline.com

Posted: August 14, 2017

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