Wakulla Master Gardeners Fall Plant Sale Saturday, September 22

By Less Harrison

Natural Wakulla Day at the Wakulla County Extension Office

The Wakulla Master Gardeners are gearing up for the fall plant sale scheduled for Saturday, September 22 in conjunction with the Natural Wakulla Day at the Wakulla County Extension Office grounds. There will be a wide variety of plants for sale and here is a little preview of a few.

Adam’s Needle Yucca (yucca filamentosa)

Adam’s Needle Yucca (yucca filamentosa) is a hardy native perennial in the Agave family. While it is a cousin to the commonly known Spanish

Adam’s Needle Yucca (yucca filamentosa)

Bayonet Yucca, there are some distinctive differences. Primarily, the leaves of the Adam’s Needle Yucca are much softer, less rigid than the Spanish Bayonet making them a little less dangerous. But make no mistake, they still have a sharp point on the end of each which can be painful. Adam’s Needle also has long curly threads or filaments along the leaf edge that peel back as the leaves grow. Like most yuccas, they produce a tall flower spike in the spring with white blooms. They prefer full sun, dryer soil, and is very drought tolerant.


Stokes Aster (stokesia laevis)

Stokes Aster (stokesia laevis) is a member of the Aster or Daisy family. This native evergreen perennial is low-growing and has 6-8 inch strap-like leaves. In late spring it produces erect stems with shaggy lavender-blue flower heads each 3-4 inches across. This plant is low maintenance, easy to grow and attractive to butterflies and bees.

Stokes Aster (stokesia laevis)
(Ocimum basilicum)

(Ocimum basilicum) is an herb that is a member of the mint family which includes coleus, catnip, lavender, salvia, thyme, mint, and marjoram. It is a warm season

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

annual that is very sensitive to frost. Best planted in full sun with evenly moist soil, it is very easy to grow and has very few pests. It is said to deter flies, thrips, mosquitos, and ants. A very popular herb, it can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Pinch the tips off to encourage branching and remove the flowers before they bloom to keep the plant growing.

Hope to see you on Saturday, September 22nd as part of the ‘Natural Wakulla Day’ celebration at the Wakulla County Extension Office.


Posted: September 4, 2018

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