Wildlife Happenings for August

Wildlife happenings to look for in August. August continues the traditional Florida summer of afternoon rains and sticky heat, but the wildlife don’t mind and there are some stellar activities for you to see. Here are some interesting things to look for in August.

Wildlife Happenings A green-winged teal
Cape Teal duck at the Jacksonville Zoo. UF/IFAS Photo: Josh Wickham.

Birds – Wildlife Happenings

First flocks of Blue-winged and Green-winged Teal arrive to winter on Florida lakes and wetlands.
Yellow Warbler migration begins.


Two-year old Black Bear cubs will wean from their mothers.
Short-tailed Shrews will begin a second round of breeding for the year.

wildlife happeinings - caution tape and information around a sea turtle next.
A sea turtle nest on a beach in north Florida.


Young sea turtles are hatching so watch where you’re walking on the beach.


Corals along the Keys spawn at the full moon.

A great southern white male butterfly on a leaf
A great southern white male butterfly on a leaf. Photo courtesy of Florida Museum of Natural History. Photo by Jaret C. Daniels.




Thousands of great southern white butterflies can be seen migrating through coastal areas.



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Special Thanks to Florida Wildlife Extension for this information.


Posted: August 1, 2018

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