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Join us for a Micro-Irrigation Workshop

One of the main efforts of the Leon County Master Gardener program is to promote Florida-Friendly Landscaping. There are 9 FFL principles, of which #2 is Water Efficiently.

The first step in saving water is to choose the right plant for the right place in your landscape and group similar plants together based on fertilizer, sunlight, and water needs. To take one step further, homeowners can save more water by installing micro-irrigation systems and placing a rain barrel on site to collect water and slow-the-flow of stormwater runoff.

Micro-irrigation systems water plants precisely using a low volume of water. However, installing your own system can be daunting.

Join UF/IFAS Extension for a hands-on workshop that will also help the healing garden at Lee’s Place, a local healing and loss therapy center, as we install a micro-irrigation system in their therapy garden. Register on Eventbrite,


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Posted: June 13, 2018

Category: Events, Horticulture
Tags: Florida Friendly Landscaping, Water And Soil

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