Pinterest Fails can be Teachable Moments

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I am, admittedly, a perfectionist. And Pinterest sets me up for failure. Perhaps it’s because I am the least crafty person you will ever meet, but nothing ever turns out the way it looks in the photos. Yet, I keep searching and trying new things.

Today’s Pinterest find was a neat little project I found here. I was immediately drawn in by the cute little hearts and the idea that no sweets are involved! Upon exploring this project further, I came to believe this had success written all over it: find crayons, chop up crayons, melt. Easy peasy. Turns out, things were a little more complicated than that, but I would still suggest this as a doable project for 4-H’ers of any age (with proper adult supervision, of course).

Crayon Hearts

1. Collect used crayons. Ask members to bring them to your meeting. You want a good mixture or bright and dark colors.
2. Peel paper off crayons. This was by far the most tedious task. If you will be doing this activity with younger 4-H’ers, I would bring the crayons already peeled.
3. Cut crayons into small pieces. Upon completing this, I realized I should have cut mine a little smaller to help with their melting.

cut crayons
cut crayons

4. Put crayons in silicone baking tray. 230 degrees for 15-20 mins.

baking crayons
baking crayons

5. Let heart crayons cool and remove (more like peal) from tray.

Now what?
There is so much more to this activity than breaking crayons and melting them into hearts.

  • Teamwork is required to prepare all the materials. Don’t forget, crayons won’t peal themselves!
  • Planning and organizing are required if youth want to have hearts turn out a certain color. Check out these crayons.
  • Decision making is necessary to figure out what will be done with the crayon hearts.
    • Should the hearts be donated to a local children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald House?
  • Older youth can figure out the per item cost of each heart and compare it to the cost of store-bought gifts.

Whether you need something related to your specific project area or you are seeking an idea for a fun, themed activity, Pinterest will certainly not disappoint. Don’t forget, even if your activity turns into a Pinterest fail, celebrate the teachable moments and successes along the way!

A Pinterest success!



Crayon hearts:

Nifty crayon hearts:








Posted: February 13, 2015

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: 4-H Club Group Activities, Club Helps, Panhandle 4-H, Parent Resources, Volunteer Resources

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