Grow Tomatoes with a Bit of Plump and Circumstance

Tomato growing in Florida can be a tricky endeavor. It starts out well as you watch the deep green and fragrant leaves unfurl, climbing with fuzzy fervor seeking the sun, only to walk out the next morning with your coffee to discover the chewed remains of a stem. Maybe you are new to Florida and have dreams of ripe tomato sandwiches fresh from your garden in mid-July?

Page 1 Tomato Fact Sheet

Or perhaps, you long for the drizzled balsamic heaven of an heirloom variety unblemished by spots.

We are in the height of the tomato growing season for home gardeners, with ideal planting times starting in late August and going through February in central Florida. Whether in a bucket, raised bed, ceramic pot or old shoe (maybe a bit too small) we have created a new resource to help home gardeners with all of your tomato planting needs.

This fact sheet walks you through the following considerations for tomato planting and care:
  • Site Preparation
  • Timing
  • Propagation/Planting
  • Tomato Care
  • Solutions for Common Pests and Diseases

Please contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office or email me at for help tackling tomato care in Florida.


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Posted: December 15, 2022

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