Writing a “Thank You” Letter to Your Buyer

Writing a “thank you” letter for your buyer is a requirement from the Lake County Fair for exhibiting and selling your market project. The “thank you” letter should not be written just because you must but because you want to genuinely thank your buyer for believing in and investing in you.

Good Livestock Thank You Letters Include:
  • Acknowledge the buyer’s name, company, or organization
  • Specify why you are thankful (the purchase of your market animal)
  • State why you are grateful. You could write that you are thankful they supported you, were generous to 4-H/FFA, and took their time to benefit Lake County youth
  •  Describe how you will use the money from the sale
  • Provide them with information about why you enjoy 4-H/FFA, your animal, or something you learned completing your project
  • Repeat your thanks
  • Close with: Sincerely, your name or With Thanks, your name
Tips for Success:
  • Handwritten is preferred; write a “thank you” letter to all your buyers/add-ons.
  • Do not submit a paper that is torn or has frayed edges
  • The letter at a minimum should include at least 3 paragraphs, using the following format:
    • Paragraph I: Introduce Yourself (name, age, chapter/club, animal projects)
    • Paragraph II: Describe your animal project, what you learned, and why it was important
    • Paragraph III: Express your appreciation and how you will use the funds


If you need assistance writing a “thank you” letter for your buyer, please feel free to reach out to me at hendersond@ufl.edu.


Posted: April 21, 2023

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: 4-H

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