Lake County Youth Learn Life Skills Through Livestock

Showing livestock at the Lake County Fair is an important part of youth development. Youth learn and develop many life skills as they complete their livestock project at the fair and compete amongst their peers. Dominique Palka, Alexander Dusold, Dagan Daniels, and Cody Ziegler are prime examples of the importance of showing at the Lake County Fair and they have provided their experience and life lessons they have gained during their time with 4-H.

Dominique Palka, G.R.I.T.S 4-H:

I always wanted to show livestock, I had experience in the horse project but nothing else. During my 9th grade year, my mother allowed me to show a goat. I quickly fell in love with goats as I started with two goats, a wether, and a doe. Last year’s fair I showed my goats, a steer, and a bottle-raised heifer. During my time showing livestock at the fair, I have earned many awards for showmanship, Skill-a-thon, and Grand Champion. Fair has taught me so many life lessons and very many skills. One life lesson that the fair taught me is that no matter how hard you work, there is always at least one person who has worked harder than you have. That does not mean that you cannot beat them, you will just have to work harder. I feel that I will become a better showman, but more importantly, I will learn more of the life skills that my fair projects have taught me. I pride myself on my ability to share knowledge with kids who are younger than I am. I plan to help younger showman so we can share the same experiences and joys of fair that I have been able to experience.

Alex Dusold, Backwoods 4-H

At the fair there is plenty for 4-H members to participate in such as livestock shows, the animal “Ask Me” booth, crafts, and food you can make to compete for ribbons. I find it fun to show animals, make crafts, and work at the “Ask Me” booth. The “Ask Me” booth is where people can pet your animals and ask you questions. At the fair 4-H and FFA members learn life skills such as keeping records on your animals, responsibility, caring for a living thing, and helping others in the community by taking the time to help clean up inside the animal area or helping feed animals while they are there.

Dagan Daniels, Member at Large

Showing a heifer at the Lake County Fair was probably one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Showing a heifer was filled with many challenges but the memories made and life skills learned made all of the bruises and very long days worth it. Showing at the fair I learned a new level of responsibility everything that goes into the showing like bathing, blowing, clipping, feeding on time, skill-a-thons, manageability, etc. Everything combined together is a lot to do right before the show especially with all of the nerves and excitement. I also learned the importance of being kind and helping other people even when it is a competition.

Cody Ziegler, Member at Large

My name is Cody Ziegler. This is my 9th year in Lake County 4-Hh and my 9th year showing at the Lake County Fair. Over my years of showing I have learned the importance of hard work while raising my project animal, I have learned the importance of teamwork with my fellow competitors to get our animals ready for the show while at the fair, and the importance of helping others in need. Every year I learn more at the fair and though 4-H and many people make an impact on my life through 4-H and the fair. My hope is that I make an impact on many others as well through a good attitude and helping them when they need it.



Posted: May 20, 2019

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: Fair

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