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4-H Club Organizational Leader

A 4-H Club Organizational Leader is an adult volunteer that is in charge of a 4-H community, after-school, or in-school club. A 4-H club consists of five or more kids with two volunteer leaders, the clubs members include anyone from the county. These clubs meet throughout the year and provide a community-based structure for developing youth ages 5-18. The organizational leader assists the club’s members in planning the program, conducting clubs business, and assisting members with 4-H projects. The 4-H agent will assist with the volunteer application and screening process, volunteer training and orientation, and provide access to resources.

4-H Club Project Leader

The 4-H project leader helps the organizational leader teach the educational component of the club program. Project leaders organize and teach project specific lessons. They help 4-H members complete project record books and prepare for the fair.

Volunteer for an Event or Activity

There are many events that run solely off of volunteers. 4-H camp and day camps are always in need of volunteers to help with youth management or providing assistance to teach a particular topic. Volunteers are also needed to make sure adequate supervision is provided at events like 4-H horse shows, parties, and local events in the community.

4-H Judge

4-H allows members to demonstrate their projects in many areas that require judging. County Events Day, Share-the-Fun, Tropicana and the Lake County Fair all require judges to provide valuable critique on projects, speeches, demonstrations, and other activities. Judges also encourage 4-H members to keep making improvements in their projects.

Lake County 4-H Association and Foundation Members

Membership on the Association and Foundation are responsible for assessing the needs of Lake County 4-H youth and expanding the 4-H program to new audiences. The members deliberate financial proceedings and assist the 4-H agent with fundraising.

There are many ways to get involved in Lake County 4-H. If you are interested in getting involved within your community, please contact your 4-H agent Dallas Daniels. For more information on becoming a volunteer.


Posted: November 13, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers
Tags: 4-H Association, 4-H Foundation, 4-H Judge, 4-H Leader, 4-H Volunteer, Dallas Daniels

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