National 4-H Week Celebrated the First Week of October

National 4-H week is celebrated the first full week of October. This is an opportunity for local 4-H Clubs to showcase their programs and success.

After School Programs

4-h week find your sparkIt is the belief of the National 4-H organization that youth can develop skills best by hands on learning. The many skills obtainable through participating in 4-H is evident by the variety of clubs and programs offered. Some of these clubs include Gardening, Cooking, Angler, and Shooting sports which include rifle, shotgun and archery. Spin Club is a rather new concept which is a club that meets for a limited amount of time and focuses on a specific skill. An example of this in Lafayette County is the Grill Masters Club. This group of intermediate and senior age 4-H members met for 6 weeks in the spring focusing on grilling techniques used to prepare beef, chicken, pork and seafood on an outdoor grill.

Summer Day Camps

Words describing 4-H weekMost county 4-H programs offer summer day camps and overnight camping is provided by the state 4-H office. Day camps typically focus on themes that reflect the interest of local youth. Lafayette 4-H summer day camps in 2021 included wood working, science, healthy living and life skills camps.

Competitive Events

Competitive events such as livestock shows, judging contests, and public speaking contests give 4-H members an opportunity to share their learned skills with family, peers and the community. In many cases, those who excel in these areas can advance to state and even national competitions.

School Enrichment

4-h week, 4H Grows Here4-H is often delivered through school enrichment programs as well. Lafayette 4-H manages the LES School Garden which serves as an outdoor classroom for teaching students in the public and private schools about insects and pollination, the life cycle of plants, and soil.

4-H is delivered by UF IFAS cooperative Extension. If your child is interested in becoming part of a local 4-H organization, contact your local extension office.


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Posted: September 24, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth

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