2018 Rainfall in Lafayette County

Lafayette County CourhouseFlorida’s climate is characterized by wet and dry seasons with rain predominantly occurring between the months of June through October. The average amount of rain for Lafayette County is 55-56 inches per year. The oldest official rainfall records for Lafayette County that I have seen begin in 1950. The wettest year was 1964 with 93.91 inches (Hurricane Dora struck North Florida) and the driest was 1955 with 34.26 inches. According to information provided by Suwannee River Water Management in 2018, Lafayette County averaged 68.20 inches of rain, which is 121% above normal.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is continuing the El Nino predictions through this spring. These conditions typically result in above average rainfall.

2018 rainfall totals for Lafayette County Florida Automated Weather Network logo
  • Town – 70.13
  • Division of Forestry – 74.08
  • F.A.W.N Site (Landfill) – 68

rain rolling off an umbrellaAlthough it has been a wet year for our area, we are fortunate to have minor effects from the storms that have impacted other parts of the country. Some official reporting stations in South Carolina have reported rainfall in excess of 120 inches!

For more information, contact your local extension office.


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Posted: January 23, 2019

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