Dining with Diabetes Classes Start Aug. 1st

Recently in one of my classes I posed the question, “Is a meal worth years of your life?” One of my participants made the comment that the question was a bit dramatic and he had a point. It does exaggerate, because one meal isn’t going to take years of your life.

However, the meals you eat day after day and the habits you have, do affect how healthy you are and in turn how long you will live. I posed the question because it can be hard for us to change those daily habits and if we don’t think about the long term consequences, we lack the motivation to change.

We will be offering Dining with Diabetes classes at the Extension Office on Tuesday evenings in August from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. The program consists of four sessions and a follow up. Adults with type 2 diabetes and their family members, caregivers, and support persons are invited to participate. Individualized meal plans or guidance will not be provided.

Nutrition and physical activity are keys to managing your type 2 diabetes, but where do you start?

The Dining with Diabetes program can help! Designed especially for people with type 2 diabetes, this program will help you learn the skills needed to promote good health.

The program includes:

  • planning meals and snacks with delicious and healthy recipes
  • cooking demonstrations and meal sampling
  • motivation and support — connect with others who are living with diabetes
  • ideas for being more active
  • an understanding of how diabetes affects your overall health

Dining with Diabetes will show you how easy it is to prepare delicious and healthy recipes for you and your family.

Past participants have said, “Get the word out about this program. This is a must for people with diabetes.”

“Being able to taste the food and see how easily it was prepared, and then getting the recipes was great.”

You will learn about:

  • reading food labels
  • using a variety of sweeteners
  • using seasoning to replace salt
  • the role of fiber in the diet
  • the difference between various types of fat
  • the importance of exercise
  • setting personal goals to manage your diabetes . . . and more!

Registration Cost is $30/ individual or $50 for an individual plus 1 family member/support person. The registration fee covers meals and materials for all 4 classes. The first class begins August 1st and registration is due by July 21st.

To register contact the UF/IFAS Jefferson County Extension Office at 850-342-0187.


Posted: July 12, 2017

Category: Health & Nutrition, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life

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