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February is National Baking at Home for Family Fun

The Home Baking Association has declared February as “Bake at Home for Family Fun.” This is a great way to get children involved in cooking. This will increase family time and give the children an opportunity to be involved in the meal. Eating at home as a family has shown to improve family bonding. This opportunity should also introduce healthy eating options to the family.
Children will learn the following skills while in the kitchen:
Math skills:
 increasing a recipe – multiplication and addition,
 decreasing a recipe – division and addition, subtracting
 baking time – time awareness, addition
 reading the recipe – comprehensive
 following instructions – observe punctuation marks,
 cooking terminology – increase vocabulary,
 Leveling agents – chemical reactions
 Salt, Sugar and other ingredient – purpose and interactions

You will find recipes, videos and various baking items on the Home Baking Association website. Happy Baking!

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