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Forage Legumes of the SE

In addition to COVID19 safety precautions, one of the real advantages of virtual meetings is that it is very easy to record the presentations to share after the live event is over. The Forage Legume Webinar Series concluded on May 6, however, all six of the sessions were recorded. If you were not able to tune in to the live webinars, or perhaps just want to go back and review the presentations, you can now watch the recorded videos at your convenience. Each session featured a 25-minute presentation followed by a question and answer discussion on the topic. The following link will take you to the resource webpage that was developed to share all of the recordings in one place:

Forage Legume Webinar Series Recordings & Resources

The following is a list of the topics that were covered and are now available as recorded presentations:
1 – Forage Legumes for the SE USA: Myths and Facts
2 – Breeding New Forage Legumes for the Southeastern US
3 – How Much Nitrogen Can Legumes Provide in Grazing Systems?
4 – Nutritional Benefits of Forage Legumes in Livestock Systems
5 – Alfalfa/Bermudagrass Mixtures in the Southeastern US
6 – Legumes for Wildlife and Pollinators

After viewing these videos, if you have additional questions, or want help developing a plan for incorporating legumes into your operation, contact your local county extension office and talk with the agriculture agent for more information.


Posted: May 28, 2021

Category: Agriculture, Livestock

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