Answers to Common Questions about Raised Bed Gardening

Spring is the time of year when many people are ready to get outside and are also excited about gardening. But there are a wide range of plants that can be grown in the cool-season as well. This is the time of year to plant strawberries, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, collards, bulb onions, and salad crops such as arugula, lettuce, and spinach. Now that weather has cooled off some, it is a great time to start growing home grown food. One of the easiest ways to get started and have immediate success is with raised bed gardens.

Daniel Leonard, County Extension Director and Horticulture Agent, UF/IFAS Extension Calhoun County, and I produced a video to answers commonly asked questions about raised bed gardening. In the video he discusses construction materials, the type of soil to use, fertilization, crop rotation, cover crops, as well as smaller container gardens.

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Posted: October 9, 2020

Category: Fruits & Vegetables, HOME LANDSCAPES

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