Have you picked out the tie for your father yet?

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Though the celebration has been connected to many different religions and dates, Father’s Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. The Father’s Day holiday became a national holiday in 1972 thanks to President Nixon and is officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June. No matter the date celebrated, the purpose of honoring our father is unchanged. Many of us have lost our father, but some of us have been fortunate enough to have another male figure present in our lives that continues to represent this to us.

In today’s world, celebrating our ‘Father,’ the parenting he has provided, and the contributions that have helped shape our lives, is truly important. Each father’s or father figure’s impact is different and influences the recipient in their own special way. Can you reminisce right now and think of one important thing this influential person has said to you that has influenced you to this day? I can! My father simply stated this once during a conversation: “things don’t bother me, people bother me.” It struck me as so profound and simply true. I have remembered that statement to this day and repeated it many times to so many others. Were there other words of wisdom he shared with my brothers and me? Yes, and it seems so strange that we all remember different profound things.

Use this day to express your love and gratitude. Reflection and sharing are the best way you can honor someone. If they are no longer with you, celebrate them by sharing a fond memory or profound moment with others.

Sure, keep the tradition of gifting a tie if you like, but add a note of appreciation describing an influential moment or memory you carry. The beauty of sharing an influential life changing moment is priceless.


Posted: May 27, 2017

Category: WORK & LIFE
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