Friday Feature: Ear Tags that Identify Sick Cattle

Quantified Ag’s “Smart Ear Tags” tags can identify when cattle are sick and light up to identify them. Photo credit: Craig Chandler, University of Nebraska

This week’s featured videos highlight a new high-tech tool that feedyards, stocker operations, and maybe even cow-calf operations can utilize to aid in quick identification of sick cattle for immediate care. Quantified Ag has developed a “Smart Ear Tag” that can identifying sick cattle. Their tags constantly monitor cattle and alert cowboys when they are identified as potentially sick. Flagged cattle show up on the users mobile phone. The user can turn on a bright LED light to help find the animals that need attention for easy removal from a group.


For more details on this technology and how it works, check out this 26 minute episode of “DocTalk” provided by Dan Thomson, DVM, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine



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Posted: March 3, 2017

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Beef Cattle, Feature Video, Livestock, Panhandle Agriculture

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