Friday Feature: Robotic Dairies

This week’s featured video is actually a series of four videos that showcase high-tech robots for dairy farms. The Lely Corporation has developed several automated robots for specific daily chores on dairies; from automatically milking cows whenever they want to be milked, feeding the herd on a regular schedule, pushing feed back to the cows, and even cleaning manure from the alleyways, these machines are programmed to work with minimal supervision. With so many daily chores to keep a dairy going, these robots can do the routine activities freeing up labor and management to focus on more pressing matters. Even if you are not a dairy farmer, these technological advances are very intriguing.

Robotic Milkers


Robotic Feeding


Automatic Feed Pushers


Alley Cleaners



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Posted: February 17, 2017

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Dairy, Feature Video, Livestock, Panhandle Agriculture

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