Corn Harvest is Winding Down in Jackson County

Combines are rolling along at Dietrich Farms in Jackson County this week.  Photo credit:  Doug Mayo
Combines were rolling along at Dietrich Farms in Jackson County this week. Photo credit: Doug Mayo

It is corn harvest time in Jackson County. While many farmers and ranchers are enjoying the more frequent rainfall lately, it is making corn harvest more challenging. Agents in Jackson County have performed yield checks on several varieties for local farmers that have ranged from 230-260 bu/acre.

jackson Corn Truck Fill
Most area farmers had decent yields from 200-260 bu/acre, but were somewhat disappointing in comparison to the past few years. Photo credit: Doug Mayo.

For the most part, farmers were a little disappointed in their corn yields this year. The corn went from a wet start to a dry finish, and now harvest has been somewhat delayed by recent heavy rains in the area. According to a local custom harvesting service, there was less corn produced in the area than in previous years. Fewer acres were planted in total, and the fields that were grown had yields that were slightly off from the high yields of the past two years. If the weather holds, however, corn harvest in Jackson County should wrap up by the end of next week.

Jackson Corn Combine View
Late season weed growth may have reduced corn yields late in the season. From the driver’s seat in the combine you can see the green weeds really starting to take off. Photo credit: Doug Mayo

Weed control also became an issue late in the season. Speculation is that the hot, dry weather in June and July, and then harvest delays in August allowed weed growth late in the season after preemergence herbicides began to break down. While fields remained clean for most of the season, the late season weed growth may have also been a factor in reducing corn yields slightly.



Posted: August 14, 2015

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Corn, Crops, Panhandle Agriculture

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