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4-H State Animal Science Schedule of Events

4H Florida


Animal Sciences Events Online entry deadline Event Date
State 4-H Horse Show June 3, midnight (Tuesday) July 9-12
Horse Demonstrations & Public Speaking June 9, 5pm (Monday) June 21
Horse Quiz Bowl June 9, 5pm (Monday) June 21
Hippology June 9, 5pm (Monday) June 20
Poultry Judging Registration closed June 6
Horsemanship School Full, registration closed June 8-13, 22-27
Hog & Ham Registration closed June 24-26

State 4-H Horse Show

Now that all of the Area shows are complete, online registration has begun. Please visit the state 4-H website at:, for more information. The online registration form must be submitted by the 4-H Office by midnight, June 3, 2014.


“State Horse Events”

State 4-H Hippology Contest, Horse Demonstrations, Public Speaking, and State 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl: The State competitions for HORSE topics, will not be held during 4-H University.


State 4-H Hippology Contestwill be on June 20, 2014. Hippology, is similar to “all things horse”, as tested in the Quiz Bowl, but is more in depth. Portions of the event include slides, a written test, identification of equipment and feeds, labeling various internal parts, judging classes, and team presentations. It is a full day of fun and unique tests, and is very rewarding for participants at the end of the competition, when they realize how much they know!  Counties may enter up to 2 Intermediate teams and any number of Senior teams. For information regarding the Hippology contest, please visit the State 4-H website at


Horse Demonstrations, Horse Public Speaking, and Horse Quiz Bowlwill be held on June 21, 2014, at the University of Florida Animal Sciences Department. One senior team per county may participate in Horse Quiz Bowl and compete for the privilege of representing Florida at the Regional and National contests. The Quiz Bowl is the afternoon of June 21, 2014 after the speaking events. This contest puts teams head to head, quizzing their knowledge of all things horse. Participants in any of the “State Horse Events”, must be reported online by the 4-H Office by 5:00 PM (ET) on June 9, 2014. The online registration for must be submitted by the 4-H Office by 5:00PM (ET) on June 9, 2014. For more information regarding these events, please visit the State 4-H website at


Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships or Florida 4-H University: As in years past, these two events will directly overlap again this year. Winners from Horse Competitions will qualify for Regionals (non-riding events qualify 1st & 2nd place, Horse Show qualifies the top 50 seniors). You needing to decide between attending 4-H University or Southern Regionals before qualifying, are encourage to go ahead and register for 4-H University by May 30, 2014, in order to have the option of choosing between the two events. Qualifiers for Regionals at the Horse Events on June 20 and 21 can cancel their reservations for 4-H University and receive a 90% refund. Qualifiers from the State Horse Show will have until the Tuesday after the show, July 15, to arrange a same-gender substitution for 4-H University, but will not be eligible for a refund. Procedures for registering for the Regional Horse Show may be found at


There are a lot of opportunities in the 4-H Horse Program beyond just the horse shows. We hope to see more youth take advantage of them!