North Florida First-Quarter Weather Summary

The Quincy FAWN Station refcorded the highest rainfall totals for the 1st quarter of 2013.
The Quincy FAWN Station recorded the highest rainfall totals for the 1st quarter of 2013, and Live Oak the lowest rainfall. The average rainfall for all six stations for the first three months was almost 16 inches.

13 1st Qtr Rain Table

13 1st Qtr Marianna Summary

Download the Jan-Mar 2013 Jackson Co Weather Summary with daily rainfall, temperatures and comparison to the 61 year rainfall history at the North Florida Research and Education Center.



The weather in the first quarter of 2013 showed significant variation from the averages. January was the second driest in the 61 year rainfall history at the North Florida Research and Education Center near Marianna, with only 1.05″ of rain measured. The driest January came way back in 1957, when only 0.75″ was recorded.

February rainfall set a record with 12.86″ breaking the previous record for February of 10.27′ that fell back in February of 1986. In March only 2.99″ of rain was measured at the Station, the driest since 2007, and only the 12th time in 61 years that less than 3.00″ was measured at this location in March. March is normally the second highest rainfall total month with a 61 year average of 5.43″. However, when combining all three months, Mariana is 1.4″ above average for the first quarter of the year.

Temperatures for 2013 have not been extreme, but March was actually slightly colder than January. Average soil temperatures are still below the recommended threshold for many traditional warm season crops, but are finally beginning to warm up once again after the Easter cold snap.

13 1st Qtr Avg Soil TempThe Drought Outlook for the early growing season is still positive through the end of June. Much of the Corn Belt also has a better outlook than last year. This has lowered the corn futures price and could possibly bring some future relief to livestock feed prices.

4-4-13 Seasonal Drought Outlook


Posted: April 5, 2013

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