Weekly Cattle Market & Feedstuff Electronic News Service

Weekly Market Report Provided by the Alabama Market News Service

The USDA Agriculture Market News Service provides a weekly Cattle and Feedstuff Market electronic newsletter free of charge via email. If you would like to receive this service, send your e-mail address to Diana.Drummond@ams.usda.gov or call the office at 334-240-7289. You can also access the reports on their website: http://www.ams.usda.gov/lpsmarketnewspage

Below is a sample of some of the information provided each week. Download the most current issue: 2-1-13 Weekly Market Newsletter to see if this is information you would like to receive each week.

Provided by Alabama Market News Service.
Provided by Alabama Market News Service.


2-1-13 Hay


2-1-13 Steer Report 2


2-1-13 Heifer

2-1-13 Slaughter Cows




































Posted: February 1, 2013

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Alabama Market, Economics, Market, Panhandle Agriculture

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