Drought Forecast April 5-June 30, 2012

The National Weather Service forecast there are enhanced chances for above-normal precipitation across the interior Southeast through the rest of April, and either no discernible tilt of the odds or a slight favoring of drier than normal weather through the rest of the forecast period.

Given the protracted dryness affecting this region, but also considering that the region is moving toward a somewhat wetter time of year, some improvement seems the most prudent forecast. Across the rest of the Southeast, precipitation forecasts for the various time periods are either neutral or leaning dry, and thus drought conditions should remain intact.

The only exception is in southern Florida, where some improvement is forecast based on the fact 10 to 20 percent of annual rainfall typically occurs during June, providing more opportunity for improvement late in the period.



Posted: April 11, 2012

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Drought, Forecast, Panhandle Agriculture, Weather

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