Back-to-School Tax-Free!

It’s Back-to-School time once again. Whether you are shopping for your children, for yourself, or for your classroom, now is the

Tom Fasulo speaking to a classroom of 5th graders while dressed as a civil war soldier
Classroom students attentive to Tom Fasulo while he speaks to them about the Civil War, and lice. UF/IFAS file photo.

time to save a little bit during sales-tax-free days.  Starting today, July 24th through August 6th, 2023, you can purchase your back-to-school supplies FREE OF SALES TAX in Florida.

Items Exempt from Florida Sales Tax include:

  • Learning aids and jigsaw puzzles selling for $30 or less
  • Most school supplies selling for $50 or less
  • Clothing, footwear, and accessories selling for $100 or less
  • Computers and related accessories selling for $1500 or less (when purchased for non-commercial and personal use)

How much am I saving?

How much you save depends upon your county’s sales tax percentage.  The state of Florida sales tax is 6%.  Each county then adds their own sales tax percentage to the Florida state sales tax and that is what you are charged at the register.  In Indian River County, Florida, we usually pay 7% sales tax.

This may not seem like much unless you are buying a larger ticket item such as a new school wardrobe or a computer for college.  If you purchase that $1500 computer this week, you will save approximately $105!

shiny piggy-bank on a pile of coins
A pink piggy bank set atop a pile of money. UF/IFAS photo by Tyler Jones

Next tax-free days?

And more great news is that there will be another 2 weeks of Sales-tax-free days for school supplies January 1-14, 2024!  That’s just in time for those mid-school-year growth spurts.

To get the whole list of eligible tax-free items, price limits, information and forms for Retailers, visit the Florida Department of Revenue’s T.I.P. (Tax Information Publication pdf) on their website.



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Posted: July 24, 2023

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