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Female UF student holding a baby alligator at a recruitment event in 2019

Stand Up and Holler- Gator Nation Giving Day- February 18th

Gator Nation Giving Day

February 18, 2021 has been designated by the University of Florida’s Institute of Flood and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) as Gator Nation Giving Day!  What this means is that anyone can go to this University of Florida Website and give to your favorite non-profit UF Department, Endowment, or Foundation.  Some of the UF/IFAS Teaching, Research, and Extension departments to which you can also donate include:

3 girls on boat at Lake Alice, Gainesville

4-H’ers helping in an Aquatic Sciences project, Pre-pandemic UF/IFAS file photo


What Does My Gift Support?

Your gift supports everything! including UF Research, Internships, Master Gardener Volunteer program, 4-H youth development & campgrounds, Florida Master Naturalist Program, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS), Extension Educational programs, UF/IFAS Research, and SO MUCH MORE.  There are also many commemorative Foundations and Endowments.  You can even give to help low-income students take part in summer educational internships.

A teen holding cash and a credit-debit card

Teen holding cash and a credit/debit card. Photo by Tyler Jones, 08-02-17

You may direct your gift to the school, department, research initiative, campus activity, or UF program which means the most to you.  It is important that EVERY Gator, or Gator-lover, gives and becomes part of this program which gives back so much to our Florida communities, our country and the world.

Is There A Minimum Gift Amount?

There is NO minimum gift amount.  But gifts should be in whole U.S. dollar amounts.  You can give as little as $1 or as much as you can.  And your gift is tax deductible.  Some gifts even qualify for exclusive, limited-edition items, which you could receive within 6-weeks.  These cannot be shipped internationally.  But, if you would like more than 1 item, you can make separate gifts.

Please, Spread The Word

Feel free to share this post, the giving website, and check it out on Social Media. Challenge your friends and relations for the “Gator-good”.

Florida Gator's mascot, Albert the Alligator, holding a "Thank You, donors" sign

Albert the Alligator Florida Gator mascot holding a “Thank You Donors!” sign. Photo by Tyler Jones, 11-16-16.

Give 3 Ways:

Giving can be done:

  1. online:
  2. By phone at 1-877-351-2377
  3. by check:
    Make checks payable to:
          UF Foundation, Inc.
       Mail to:
          University of Florida Foundation, Inc.
          Attn:: Gift Processing 
          PO BOX 14425 
          Gainesville, FL 32604-2425

If you have any questions, contact the Annual Giving Team via email at, by phone at 1(800) 279-6796, or your local UF/IFAS Extension Service.